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FitNetworks’ Holistic Approach helps to increases sales, profits and efficiencies for a Charlotte NC construction company.

FitNetworks is the Managed Service Provider for companies in the construction industry.  With years of business experience, our team understands the importance of marketing, the sales cycle, controlling costs, project execution and ongoing customer service, all within the construction industry.  As a national IT solution provider, FitNetworks strengthens businesses by exploiting any and every technology tool available.  For the construction industry these include a current Internet presence, an ever-evolving marketing strategy, a construction management system to handle from lead to warranty, bidding to billing and everything in between. Additionally, our team updates computer hardware, mobile devices and an appropriate mix of cloud and hardware services.


Before Arcadia Homes, of Charlotte, NC contracted with FitNetworks’ in 2011 they were suffering from IT neglect.  The company server, desktop computers, network switches, internet connection and mobile devices were all outdated and barely functional.  A once relevant website had been overlooked for a few years and the company did not have any type of construction management system beyond their accounting system.  Additionally, they lacked a purchase order system and had little proactive control over costs.  Otherwise, Arcadia Homes was a mature business with great character, strength and endurance, and ripe, ready and willing to step IT up .


FitNetwork’s holistic approach nearly always indicates addressing foundational IT issues.  From the beginning of our relationship with Arcadia Homes they had their sights set on implementing a project management system.  Simultaneously, FitNetworks began the process of upgrading Arcadia’s IT infrastructure and researching, evaluating and selecting an all-inclusive construction management system.

  • Phased Approach – Addressing neglected IT, starts with company policies and changing the way business owners view technology. FitNetworks strives to present functional business cases for clients to fit their budget.   Arcadia adopted a year-on-year strategy for purchasing cloud services, servers, computers, mobile devices, software and the like.  With these budgets established, FitNetworks continues to help maximize money spent.
  • Consulting – FitNetworks prides itself in finding the right IT tools for each client. We vetted multiple options for construction management and with careful due diligence selected BuilderTrend.  Although BuilderTrend fit Arcadia Homes best, that may not be the case with each construction company. However, BuilderTrend’s cloud-based system is now extensively used by the Arcadia team, clients and vendors.  Not only was FitNetworks instrumental in selecting the construction management system, FitNetworks has been involved in the extensive implementation, integration and training efforts with Arcadia users, clients and vendors.  The  ongoing effort to implement emerging functionality continues.  BuilderTrend has been company wide altering for Arcadia Homes.

Once a solid IT infrastructure was established and a framework for project management was in place, FitNetworks’ holistic focus expanded to include Arcadia Homes’ Internet presence and marketing efforts.  A web development company was selected, multiple social media accounts were created, and Internet marketing strategies were employed, under the leadership of FitNetworks.

Most recently, FitNetworks has led the charge toward implementing mandatory purchase orders for costs and the technology integrations used to keep vendors, construction managers and bookkeepers and accounting system in sync.  Prior to implementing POs, Arcadia construction managers spent a great deal of time approving vendor invoices after their work was complete.  While the process did work, it was incrementally more difficult to control costs with the old methodology.  Job cost reports were significantly delayed while invoices would trickle in weeks or even months after a job was closed.  With the implementation of POs, Arcadia now proactively controls job costs and has access to job cost reports 24×7.


Since 2011 Arcadia Homes’ IT has been deliberately and strategically managed by FitNetworks.  This relationship has significantly shaped how Arcadia does business.  Today, the foundation and framework of IT at Arcadia includes …

  • BuilderTrend
  • Quickbooks
  • Windows Servers and workstations
  • Extensis Portfolio document asset management software
  • Office 365 for Business
  • Smartphones with hotspot capabilities
  • Laptops computers for mobile construction managers
  • Consulting services targeting innovation

How these tools are used is what makes Arcadia Homes unique and gives them the edge over their competition.  Policies and procedures are continuously refined and new functionality is strategically deployed.

Bottom Line

All of this adds up to increased sales, profits and efficiencies. FitNetworks invests time, attention and in-depth understanding into our clients’ businesses.  We bring IT and business acumen to create win-win relationships for every client.

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