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Cybersecurity implementation and administration is a forte of FitNetworks. We are an industry leader in managed security services and developing network architectures that are based upon state-of-the-art security policies, procedures, and tools. Let us show you a better way to do your business, securely!

With the proliferation of computer networks and cloud computing, companies are now able to connect to every conceivable IT component within and outside their company. This proliferation has been great for increasing production, productivity, and access to data and computing resources, while decreasing your computing costs. At the same time, this proliferation of connected IT systems has created new types of cyber threats that need to be guarded against with sophisticated cybersecurity measures.

The protection of your intellectual property, data, and IT assets requires multiple layers of protection including computer, network, cloud, application, and physical security.

FitNetworks can create the necessary cybersecurity policies and procedures, and will recommend, install, and monitor these security resources to ensure you are protected from cyber threats, both outside and inside your company.

In order to develop a customized cybersecurity plan for your company, FitNetworks will work with your team to understand your operations and current IT architecture, and fully evaluate existing threats and vulnerabilities.


During this evaluation process we will analyze your: 

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool

Is the tool setup properly and capturing and aggregating all event logs from each device in your network? If you do not have a SIEM, FitNetworks will recommend and install one, configure it properly, and monitor the incidents and events and analyze them for current and future threats.

Internet Firewall

What type and it is configured properly? Is it a Next Generation Firewall with deep packet inspection? Does it include Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Malware detection, and content filtering? If not adequately protected or configured, FitNetworks will recommend, install, configure, and monitor your firewall security with Advanced Threat Protection.

Local Network Infrastructure

Is the network mapped? Are network switches manageable and up to date? Is the network segregated into VLANs? Does it employ MAC address filtering or 802.1X authentication? Does the network separate management and user data traffic and how are unused ports/trunks handled? FitNetworks can design, implement, and configure physical and logical VLANs using industry best practices to ensure your switch ports cannot be spoofed or allow unauthorized users from connecting to your network, using either physical or wireless methods.

Network Security Policies

Is there a Network Security Policy addressing Access Control Lists (ACLs), defining which packets can travel in and out of the network, network device password and user authentication requirements (strength, how often required to change), and Ethernet and Wifi connectivity and authentication requirements? FitNetworks can develop a Network Administration Security Policy for your organization that will ensure your infrastructure implements best practices for eliminating security vulnerabilities.

Email-related Security

Is your email server connected to your LAN or out in the cloud? Does your email use multifactor authentication (MFA) or simple user name/password combinations? Does your email employ identity protection and conditional access security? FitNetworks can improve your email security by segregating your email server using VLANs or deploy Office 365 email, Duo MFA, Advanced Threat Protection, and Azure AD P2 security tools to provide increased authentication security and prevent spoofing attacks from within and outside your company.

Endpoint Security Protection

What type of endpoint security software (server based or SaaS) is installed, and is it installed on all network devices? Does the software include firewall, antivirus, antimalware, content filtering, ACLs, HIPS, and automated updates to client software? How and how often is it backed up? FitNetworks can design, install, and configure your endpoint security software to prevent unauthorized access by remote user devices.

DNS Security

Are employees allowed to use personal technology devices (BYOD) to access your network? If so, your endpoint security protection alone will not suffice. DNS security includes redundant DNS servers and antimalware, antivirus, and content filtering to ensure users are not spoofed into going to a malicious site. FitNetworks can implement DNS security tools to protect all known and unknown network devices.

Availability/Denial of Service (DoS)

How does your infrastructure ensure continuity of operations and a high availability of service? FitNetworks can design, install, configure, and maintain a network infrastructure that includes redundancy and multiple layers of protection against DoS attacks, and ensure the continuity of your mission critical business operations.

Backup/Disaster Recover Plans

What are the policies for backing up and recovering data, applications, and mission critical infrastructure components? How are they implemented and enforced? How often are they tested, and what were the results of the testing? FitNetworks can develop Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans that ensure your mission critical operations are back online within your goal recovery time. We can design, install, configure, and maintain the backup services as well as test the overall success of the plan to ensure it works as designed.

NOC/SOC Administration

How, where, and by whom is the Network Operations Center/Security Operations Center managed? Is it largely automated or manned? What are the policies for reviewing event and incident logs and response and reporting requirements? FitNetworks can develop a Network/Security Administrator Policy & Procedure manual and install and configure the SIEM software to automate the collection and analysis of event & incident logs from all network equipment and security-related components.

After evaluating your current infrastructure

FitNetworks will develop a customized cybersecurity plan that incorporates a phased approach to implementing state-of-the-art security policies, procedures, and tools. The highest priority will be given to closing vulnerabilities associated with previous attacks and common threats. The use of artificial intelligence-based tools such as SIEM and IDS that can collect and analyze large amounts of log and traffic data will be included to provide continuous monitoring of your infrastructure. When required, FitNetworks can provide 24/7 SOC monitoring of your infrastructure.

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