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FitNetworks is a national Managed Services Provider (MSP) for the implementation of IT security measures. We take a holistic approach to IT security management to provide valuable insight into our client’s current infrastructure, policies & procedures, and technical operations.  FitNetworks operates as our client’s CTO and IT Director as well as managing their daily security-related operations. Brian Sullivan, founder and CEO of FitNetworks, leads his team in identifying areas of neglect, nagging issues, and poor design or implementation.  Additionally, the FitNetworks team proactively changes our client’s biggest technology weaknesses into their strength.

At FitNetworks, we believe that technology should be the MVP of your company!


One FitNetworks client with multiple, geographically dispersed locations, had a poorly designed IT infrastructure and outdated or non-existing security policies that left them extremely vulnerable to various types of attacks. These vulnerabilities included:

  • Lack of a password policy enforcing strong passwords and requiring the passwords to be changed regularly. Authentication credentials were limited to a simple username/password instead of multifactor authentication (MFA). The use of weak and simple passwords in some network equipment.
  • Because of the above and the lack of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), their use of a SaaS implementation to remotely access data, email, and the internal network was open to compromise.
  • An Exchange email server was not being updated, and the server software was at the end of its life for support and updates. Additionally, the Exchange server was not in an isolated network segment. This had the potential to allow penetration from an outside attacker into the company’s most vital assets and data, the potential to damage the company and community, as well as denial of service attacks.
  • Use of OEM default configurations with security-related software, switches, and routers.
  • The lack of advanced threat protection and conditional access security tools.
  • Outdated camera system to monitor the physical security of the company’s facilities and assets was at its end of life and not being updated, which left it open to compromise. The camera system could not handle additional cameras leaving a physical security risk.
  • Additionally, their previous MSP took an attitude of “If it works, don’t fix it,” which is a recipe for disaster in the IT security world, since hackers are always looking for new ways to penetrate your company. Many of the software updates and patches issued by a manufacturer are designed to fix known security vulnerabilities in their products. With each failure to update, the client became more and more susceptible to attack by known vulnerabilities.


FitNetwork’s holistic approach to serving our clients always addresses foundational IT security measures. Since there is no one-size fits all approach to security, this approach requires FitNetworks to fully understand the complexity and use of a client’s policies, procedures, and systems, before we can develop and implement the right cost-effective measures.

With this client, FitNetwork’s approach was to address the biggest security holes and then move inwards toward the middle of their infrastructure.  In the process we uncovered and thwarted a real security attack.

The specific security measures we implemented included:

  • Password Policies – for creating and maintaining authentication credentials including enforcement of strong passwords, the lifespan of a password, and how and when to reset. These policies included the use of MFA to guard against the usage of stolen user’s credentials since a legitimate user would possess at least one mechanism of the authentication. These policies are enforced so that users are forced to create strong passwords when their password expires.
  • Replaced the SaaS Implementation – with a VPN employing Duo MFA – which guards against the use of stolen credentials to access the company’s networks.
  • Upgraded network security equipment – including firewalls, switches, and routers. FitNetworks configured software and hardware to lock down the network and provide stability to the formerly unstable VPN connections between the client’s sites.
  • Migrated email from their Exchange server to Office 365 – to reduce the cost of upgrading Office software and to prevent outside attackers from accessing the corporate data network through security vulnerabilities in the Exchange server’s outside
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Azure AD Premium P2 – to prevent spoofing and provide conditional access and identity protection. The client welcomed these measures as they had previously been targeted. FitNetworks implemented ATP and Azure AD to prevent future attacks by providing conditional access based upon location, type of user, protocol used, and what they are attempting to access, as well detection of suspicious activity and preprogrammed responses and reporting.
  • A new camera security system – to provide continuous monitoring and recording of the corporate facilities and important assets. The new system allows for additional cameras that can be updated with new security patches, and automated alarms when movement is detected in certain areas.


The client has found new excitement in growing their business. With the increased security architecture, the client is experiencing increased performance, improved operations, with a measurable ROI.

Their outdated and insecure infrastructure was extremely vulnerable to attacks from outside the organization, with the potential to cripple the company’s operations and damage their local community, has now become their biggest strength and showpiece. As their MSP, FitNetworks has replaced the stress and anxiety of developing, implementing, and maintaining a secure operations platform to a stress-free, fun business.

FitNetworks had the answers to meet all their security needs! With the FitNetworks approach, what began as this client’s biggest weakness, became their biggest strength. The real-life attack that took place during our implementation proved to the client that the vulnerabilities we had identified and the measures we implemented, were desperately needed!


This client discovered FitNetworks, the Managed Service Provider that fit their company like no other. FitNetworks is the perfect fit because of:

  • Our holistic approach to the entire implementation
  • Our business acumen and passion for helping clients save money
  • Our understanding of the unique security concerns of the client
  • Our experience in implementing a wide variety of security products & mechanisms
  • Our CTO’s passion and ability to win trust by casting vision and making IT the MVP


FitNetworks partners with its clients like no other managed service provider when implementing IT security.

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