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Buildertrend is one the many enterprise-level software solutions. Whether you are shopping and comparing construction management software products, or have already purchased Buildertrend but not installed and integrated it, or are struggling to configure and maintain the product, FitNetworks can help you. Since many of our clients are in the construction industry, we have not only installed and integrated numerous Buildertrend solutions, but we serve as their Buildertrend champion and administrator, providing ongoing support on a monthly basis.


Buildertrend is the #1 selling construction management system for home builders, remodelers, specialty contractors and general contractors. It boasts powerful capabilities and combines project scheduling, project management, financial management, customer management and service management in a single suite. It can be accessed by you, your vendors, and your customers through their mobile devices or computers.

What they didn’t tell you, is that implementing the total functionality of Buildertrend is a major undertaking. There is an underlying assumption that your organization has firm policies, procedures and workflows in place for every aspect of your business processes. That includes every business aspect from interacting with prospects to preliminary proposals, from bids and estimates to purchase orders, change orders, and integration with QuickBooks. Not to mention scheduling, task lists, selections, daily logs, file management and communications. Challenging? Absolutely, for those who have never done this before, have not developed the processes yet, or have limited experience in configuring software suites. This is where FitNetworks excels in Buildertrend implementation and provides added value to our clients!


As part of your Buildertrend implementation FitNetworks can:

Evaluate your current implementation

How far did you get on your own? Most clients are able to setup the Scheduling, To Do Lists, and Pictures. Other features, such as how to properly setup an estimate (general items, allowances & selection choices, approved and budgeted bids), how to manage your new expected estimate and how to keep your budget accurate by using variance codes are more challenging to grasp. As part of our evaluation, we will take time to understand your current business practices, procedures, and processes. How many of them still need to be setup and implemented before being implemented in Buildertrend?

Segregate Internal Users
Have you defined the various roles and responsibilities of your internal users properly? Have you configured their permissions, job access, and preferences correctly?
Buildertrend Notifications
Quite numerous aren’t they! Are they keeping your team awake at night because the notifications are running wild? These notifications need to be setup properly to avoid excess messaging and allow you and your team time to do their jobs.
Subs and Vendors
Have they been setup properly including their profile information, notifications, permissions, and online payment options?
Template Selection

We’ll ensure you pick and configure the right Buildertrend templates especially in the areas of:

  • Project Management (schedules, to do lists, and selections)
  • Files (folder structure and permissions)
  • Financial (bid packages, estimates, and P.O.s, which are critical elements since they along with your S.O.W. and communications will flow right into your P.O.s)
Job Flow
Based upon your business processes, FitNetworks can help setup best practices from sales leads to bids, estimates, proposals, approvals, P.O.s, invoices, payments, to warranties.
Financial Module
  • Bids and estimates including single or multiple bid packages based upon the ramifications of each
  • Bills and P.O.s – including rolls and responsibilities and workflow for issuing, marking work complete, paying (partial payments vs. pay in full)
  • Budgets (Estimates vs New Expected, P.O.s, variance, total costs, bottom line)
  • Customer payments
Project Management Module

Setup best practices for schedules, logs, To Do Lists, change orders, selections, etc.

QuickBooks Integration

FitNetworks will integrate your QuickBooks accounting software with Buildertrend. We will setup, configure, and synchronize your jobs, bills, and P.O.s. We will explain and map out how Buildertrend handles P.O.s differently than QuickBooks and how to synchronize them, as well as your invoices and payments.

As you can see from the above list, most construction companies are not prepared to implement and integrate Buildertrend once purchased. The best product in the world is of limited value if not correctly configured and implemented by all members of the team. If your corporate processes, procedures, and workflows are not established prior to implementation, you will not be able to implement the full capabilities of Buildertrend. Even worse, your internal team, subs and vendors will resist using the tool, defeating the purpose of the implementation.


Let FitNetworks be your Buildertrend project champion, and administrator. This will leave you free to do what you do best. Build! Welcome to a new way of doing business.

Brian has been integral to our business development, strategy and systems implementation. We would’t be where we are without him. He is the best consultant we have ever used and will continue to give him projects as long as we are in business.

David "AJ" Foard

Vice President, Arcadia Homes

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